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We're Cringing After Seeing Shannon Storms Beador's CO2 Laser Treatment Recovery

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The Real Housewives of Orange County mom shares graphic photos of her makeup-free skin just two weeks after her CO2 treatment.


Shannon Storms Beadorpromised to keep us all posted on the progress of her skin afterreceiving a CO2 facial treatment, and boy, did she deliver.The Real Housewives of Orange Countymom has been on a quest to reclaim more youthful skin as she preps for the RHOC reunion taping and one of the many stops along her journey wasCosmeticareto undergo a CO2 laser treatment that left her face “red and peeling.”

In late October, the RHOC blonde shared on Instagram Stories she received a CO2 laser treatment (a resurfacing procedure in which thinlayers of the skin are removed via carbon dioxide) with the hopes of having more supple-looking skin just in time for the reunion drama. Shannon pledged to keep us updated on her dewy discoveries daily and now we’re able to see the dramatic results — one graphic picture at a time.

“Walking into Cosmeticare right now and today I’m having a CO2 laser… a little nervous but I’m really excited because apparently my skin is gonna look brand new. So I’m going to keep you guys updated on how it goes,” she explained in a previous Instagram Story.

Then on November 4, Shannon shared a series of, well, graphic images showing just how intense her skin treatment looked over the course of two weeks. In the grid-style pic, Shannon goes from light redness to aggressive splotching to then, after two weeks, skin that is positively radiant without a stitch of makeup.

“The reunion is coming… so went to@cosmeticare_for a CO2 laser,” she explained in her caption. “Have never had anything like this done before. Here is a chronology of the results. Had a week down time. No make up on the last photo. Let me know your thoughts! “


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