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Meticulous lifting with a pen-type handpiece.

Shrink Universe is the latest version of Shrink Lifting equipment that transmits strong ultrasonic energy into the skin to promote collagen regeneration to help improve elasticity and lift.

The Ultra Booster pen-type handpiece enables meticulous treatment on areas that were difficult to reach with the existing Shurink dot-type handpiece, and the two powerful ultrasound modes, MP mode and NOMAL mode, enable more detailed ultrasound energy delivery.

The irradiation speed is also 2.5 times faster, so it is a lifting device that allows you to receive the treatment comfortably with less pain.


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The global leader in non-invasive skin tightening, Thermage FLX is known by its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Thermage is a facial and body treatment to tighten and lift the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen. Over two million Thermage treatment have been performed, and it’s only FDA-approved non-invasive eye skin tightening treatment. In fact, it is also the award winner for Best New Technology by The Aesthetic Guide.Thermage is the treatment celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston swear by because it’s zero down-time, non-surgical and non-invasive- and the results can last up to three years.


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