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HYCOOX Is A Patented Automated Serum Delivery System For Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, And Wellness Providers. With This Revolutionary Auto Injector, Decrease Injection Treatment Time By 45%, Reduce Wasted Product, And Provide The Most Comfortable Injection Experience Ever.



HYCOOX is an innovative multifunctional injecting aesthetic device with Medical CE. By using precise mechanical control, safety functions, suction and non-suction modes inject solutions precisely with less pain.

The HYCOOX multi suction injector has two different modes:
Auto-sensing and Non=suction. Auto-sensing mode has its safe vacuum technical function with 9pin adjustable needles to minimize solution leakage and reduce needle insertion pain. Non=suction mode uses with a foot pedal for injection with a single pin, 3 pin and 5pin  multi needles to deliver drug accurately.

Hydro- Lifting Procedure
Skin hyperpigmentation
Fast, Lesser Pain Procedure
Can Also Be used For:
Face (Rejuvenation)
Scalp (Hair loss)
Neck and Decolletage
Hands (Hydro-lifting)
Belly (Mesolipo)


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