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co2What is CO2 Ultra Laser System?

CO2 Ultra Purse Laser uses wavelength of 10,600nm that is easily absorbed in the water and reacts well in moist tissues. CO2 Laser has great concentration on target area with less reflection, and minimizes heat damages around the area. It also causes the least amount of pain after operation.


Who needs CO2 Laser?
  • Moles on Face
  • Infection by frequent physical stimulus
  • Sudden bleeding, changes in color and shape
  • Increase in size or number of moles
  • Moles on nails, perineal region, sole, and mucous membrane

What is good about CO2 Laser?

CO2 Ultra Laser minimized heat-damaged tissue and gets rid of moles exquisitely to minimize chronic relapse, pigmentation and scar, while the other lasers can cause scar or pigmentation when used not by expers. – Who needs CO2 Laser?

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